ELN Research Director participates in the OSCE Structured Dialogue meeting

Łukasz Kulesa

By Łukasz Kulesa

Research Director

Wednesday 28 June 2017

On June 28, 2017 ELN Research Director Łukasz Kulesa participated in a Special Session of the Structured Dialogue, conducted in Vienna during the 2017 OSCE Annual Security Review Conference.

As an introduction to the discussion, Łukasz delivered a presentation on minimizing the risks from divergent threat perceptions, military doctrines and force postures. In his presentation, ELN Research Director discussed his food-for-thought paper prepared for the Structured Dialogue, based on previous ELN research into military incidents and de-escalation.

The Structured Dialogue on the Current and Future Challenges and Risks to Security in the OSCE Area is a process launched at OSCE Ministerial Council in Hamburg. It addresses challenges and risks in the politico-military sphere and explores possibilities of reversing the negative trends in the European security.

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