Italian Group Formed to Address Growing Nuclear Threats

Monday 30 April 2012

A group of high level politicians, diplomats, scientists and military figures have recently formed in Italy. Below is the statement of the group along with the list of members.

“Today marks the launch of a newly formed group of prominent Italian politicians and experts working to achieve multilateral nuclear disarmament and improved non-proliferation. At a time when the number of nuclear weapon states has increased, when nuclear weapons exist in some of the most politically unstable regions of the world and when all nuclear armed states are undertaking long-term nuclear force modernisation programmes, it is obvious that we need to address this spiralling and potentially catastrophic nuclear problem. Our group believes that political leadership is vital to achieving long-term sustainable solutions to combat these growing nuclear dangers. Accordingly, all members of the Italian group are also members of the European Leadership Network (ELN), a network of senior parliamentarians, diplomats, military and scientific figures from across the continent of Europe, including Russia and Turkey, formed to meet the growing nuclear threat and to advance education in and promote greater understanding of multilateral nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation and nuclear security issues.  Together, we will work to ensure that the Italian contribution is a key element of this important pan-European effort.” 
  1. Margherita BONIVER - Deputata PDL 
  2. Francesco CALOGERO - Professore Emerito di Fisica Teorica dell’Università di Roma La Sapienza 
  3. Paola COTTA RAMUSINO -  Professore di Fisica teorica Università di Milano; Segretario generale delle Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs 
  4. Massimo D’ALEMA - Deputato PD 
  5. Gianfranco FINI - Presidente della Camera dei Deputati 
  6. Giorgio LA MALFA - Deputato Gruppo misto 
  7. Federica MOGHERINI REBESANI - Deputato PD 
  8. Arturo PARISI - Deputato PD 
  9. Luigi RAMPONI - Senatore PDL 
  10. Carlo SCHAERF - Professore di Fisica nucleare Università di Tor Vergata Roma 
  11. Stefano SILVESTRI - Presidente Istituto Affari Internazionali 
  12. Carlo TREZZA - Consigliere Diplomatico del Presidente del CASD e Direttore Coadiutore dell'Istituto Alti Studi per la Difesa, dal 17 ottobre 2008. 
  13. Edoardo VESENTINI - Ex Presidente Accademia dei Lincei