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We are the only Euro-Atlantic network bringing together members from Russia, Ukraine and wider Europe. We need your help to prevent further escalation of the war in Ukraine.
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Our networks are at the heart of our policy impact. Reaching right across Europe they bring together established figures with emerging leaders who are all committed to better security for Europe. 

Group statements



How can we help science to save the world?

To launch the ELN’s new project “NEVER”, which seeks to unite young people working on global catastrophic risk from across Europe, Lord Martin Rees writes on the need for an alliance between science and the public sphere and the role young individuals and activists can play in this.

14 February 2023 | Martin Rees

Turkey: the disruptive ally?

Turkey’s resistance to Swedish and Finnish NATO membership is an outward sign of a more profound shift in Turkey’s geo-strategic position, writes Nick Williams. Fast becoming a “semi-detached ally”, NATO members are hoping that Turkey will return to a more moderate stance after the country’s May elections. If not, the consequences could be calamitous.

2 February 2023 | Nicholas Williams

Policy briefs & reports

Policy brief

Workshop report: Getting the JCPOA through 2022 and the US and Europe effectively engaged with Iran

In October, the ELN and Hanns Seidel Foundation partnered on a track 1.5 meeting in London which brought together a range of European and Iranian participants both to assess how the JCPOA could still be revived and to consider alternative scenarios in more detail. The ELN’s Policy and Impact Director, Jane Kinninmont, captures the key highlights from the meeting.

14 December 2022 | Jane Kinninmont

Emerging and disruptive technologies, nuclear risk, and strategic stability: Chinese literature review

With emerging and disruptive technologies (EDTs) increasingly becoming a new field of military competition among great powers, serious questions have been raised about whether they will fundamentally change the ways modern warfare will be conducted, in particular implications for nuclear deterrence. Fei Su and Dr Jingdong Yuan analyse Chinese academic and professional publications to explore new ways forward for mitigating the risks posed by EDTs.

13 December 2022 | Fei Su and Dr Jingdong Yuan