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The European Leadership Network regularly hosts and participates in timely, policy-relevant events. These range from private seminars with policymakers to larger conferences to inform and shape policy.




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Contact Group on Russia-West Relations: Sanctions

On 27 October, the ELN Contact Group on Russia-West Relations met to discuss the impact of sanctions on Russia with two speakers from the ELN's network. You can find a summary of the meeting here.

30 November 2022

Contact Group on Russia-West Relations: What should the NATO summit do and what will it do in the context of the Russia/Ukraine crisis?

On 23 June 2022, the European Leadership Network (ELN) convened the Contact Group on Russia-West relations via Zoom to discuss the upcoming NATO summit in Madrid and what it would focus on with regard to the conflict in Ukraine. Russian and European Contact Group members shared their views on...

29 June 2022