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Members of the Contact Group on Russia West

Current members of the Group include Members of Parliament, diplomats, and strategic advisers from across wider Europe. The small number of participants is balanced between Russian experts and opinion-makers and a roughly equal mix of leaders from across the rest of Europe.

Contact Group Participants

1. Dmitry Androsov (Russia) Member of the Federal Political Council

2. Oksana Antonenko (Russia) Director, Global Risk Analysis, Control Risks

3. Elena Chernenko (Russia) Head of Foreign Desk, Kommersant

4. Mireille Clapot (France) Member of Parliament

6. Alexey Gromyko (Russia) Director of the Institute of Europe at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Member of the Russian International Affairs Council

7. Nick Hækkerup (Denmark) Member of Parliament

8. Diana Janse (Sweden) Ambassador, Department for Eastern and Central Asia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; former Swedish Ambassador to Georgia and Armenia

9. Riina Kaljurand (Estonia) Advisor, Policy Planning Department, Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

10. Stephen Kinnock (United Kingdom) Member of Parliament

11. Lukasz Kulesa (Poland) Research Fellow, The Polish Institute of International Affairs

12. Sergii Leshchenko (Ukraine) Member of Parliament

13. Delphine O (France) Member of Parliament

14. Victoria Panova (Russia) Director, Oriental Studies Institute, Far Eastern Federal University

15. Katarzyna Pelczynska-Nalecz (Poland) Ambassador to Russia, former Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

16. Dmitry Polikanov (Russia) Member of the Expert Council of the Russian Federation, former Deputy Head of the Central Executive Committee of United Russia

17. Mikhail Rostovskiy (Russia) Journalist and commentator, Moskovsky Komsomolets

18. Laeticia Saint-Paul (France) Member of Parliament

19. Marietje Schaake (Netherlands) Member of the European Parliament

20. Nathalie Tocci (Italy) Director, Istituto Affari Internazionali

21. Tom Tugendhat (United Kingdom) Member of Parliament

22. Sergey Utkin (Russia) Head of Strategic Assessment Section, IMEMO Russian Academy of Sciences; Head of Foreign and Security Policy Department, Centre for Strategic Research

23. Ernest Wyciszkiewicz (Poland) Director, Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding

24. Inga Yumasheva (Russia) Member of Parliament