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Diana Janse

Former Swedish Ambassador to Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, based in Bamako, Mali

From 2019-2021, Diana Janse served as Sweden’s Ambassador to Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, based in Bamako, Mali. She currently works as a Senior Fellow at the Stockholm Free World Forum.

Ambassador Janse joined the Swedish Foreign Service in 1999. In the first decade of her career, she has served in Belgrade, Moscow, New York, Kabul, at the EU Council Secretariat in Brussels and as then Foreign Minister Carl Bildt’s special assistant and advisor.

Before arriving in Bamako, Ms Janse was on unpaid leave from the MFA, working as Foreign- and Security Policy Advisor to the Moderate party, Sweden’s main opposition party, and its party leader, as well as the party’s International Director.

Prior to that, Ms Janse was Swedish ambassador to Lebanon and chargé d’affairs to Syria. She has also served as Sweden’s ambassador to Georgia and Armenia.

Before joining the MFA, Ambassador Janse worked in the Ministry of Defence and in the Swedish Military Intelligence. She also spent one year as an interpreter for the UN forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1994.

She has published a book on Afghanistan, as well as several articles and booklets.

Ms Janse holds two degrees from Uppsala University, a Masters in Political Science and a Bachelor in Russian Language and Literature.