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Andrew Futter

Associate Professor in International Politics at the University of Leicester


Twitter: @andrewfutter

YGLN Security United Kingdom

Dr Andrew Futter is an Associate Professor in International Politics at the University of Leicester, UK. Dr Futter has authored several books, including: Ballistic missile defence and US national security policy (2013/5); The politics of nuclear weapons (2015 and 2020); Reassessing the Revolution in Military Affairs (2015); The United Kingdom and the future of nuclear weapons (2016); Hacking the bomb (2018); and Threats to Euro-Atlantic security (2020), and regularly publishes in academic journals and contributes to conference papers. He recently completed a three-year UK Economic and Social Research Council-funded Future Research Leader’s award into cyber threats and nuclear weapons, and will shortly begin a five-year European Research Council Consolidator Grant exploring the technological drivers of the Third Nuclear Age.

Andrew was a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation in Washington DC, as well a Visiting Scholar at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Monterey, California. In Spring 2017, he took up a Fellowship position at the Norwegian Nobel Peace Institute in Oslo. Dr Futter is an alumni member of the Younger Generation Leadership Network.

Content by Andrew Futter

Policy brief

Managing the cyber-nuclear nexus

There are currently no formal international agreements linking nuclear weapons and cyber capabilities, and to fill this void states have invested considerable resource to address the ‘cyber’ challenge – but what does this mean for the security of nuclear weapons?

24 July 2019 | Andrew Futter