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Andrew Futter

Professor in International Politics at the University of Leicester


Twitter: @andrewfutter

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Professor Andrew Futter is Professor in International Politics at the University of Leicester, UK. Professor Futter has authored several books, including: Ballistic missile defence and US national security policy (2013/5); The politics of nuclear weapons (2015 and 2020); Reassessing the Revolution in Military Affairs (2015); The United Kingdom and the future of nuclear weapons (2016); Hacking the bomb (2018); and Threats to Euro-Atlantic security (2020), and regularly publishes in academic journals and contributes to conference papers. He recently completed a three-year UK Economic and Social Research Council-funded Future Research Leader’s award into cyber threats and nuclear weapons, and is currently working on a five-year European Research Council Consolidator Grant exploring the technological drivers of the Third Nuclear Age (

Andrew was a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation in Washington DC, a Visiting Scholar at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Monterey, California, and a former fellow at the Norwegian Nobel Peace Institute in Oslo. Professor Futter is an alumni member of the Younger Generation Leadership Network.

Content by Andrew Futter


UK nuclear weapons in a Third Nuclear Age

Rapid technological change and a return to nuclear great-power competition suggest that the contours and central dynamics of our nuclear world are in flux. Andrew Futter writes that this shift requires a frank debate about the role of UK nuclear weapons and where they fit in the future of UK security policy.

18 February 2022 | Andrew Futter