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Emil Nafis Iftekhar

PhD Student and Visiting Researcher

Emil Nafis Iftekhar is a PhD Student in Physics at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organisation and a visiting researcher at the Technical University Berlin, Germany, where he is exploring pandemics, infodemics and their interactions. Prioritising biosecurity, he has been active in political consulting and advocacy on mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany and Europe, as well as preventing Global Catastrophic Biological Risks from bioweapons by contributing to the Youth Recommendations to the 2022 Review Conference to the Biological Weapons Convention. Outside of academia, he is concerned about risks from climate change and has lobbied for a better national climate policy in Germany.

Content by Emil Nafis Iftekhar


Existential threats beyond the bomb: emerging disruptive technologies in the age of AI

To better understand emerging technologies, NEVER members Konrad, Anemone, Emil, Arthur, and Joel outline the evolution of the risk landscape around emerging disruptive technologies and draw parallels between the dangers posed by nuclear weapons and those posed by novel biotechnologies. They explore the broader challenge of governing emerging technologies and suggest potential ways forward.