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Götz Neuneck

Deputy Director, Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy (IFSH)

Götz Neuneck is Deputy Director Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy IFSH at the University of Hamburg and Coordinator of the Track 2.0 Deep Cuts Commission ( He is also the Head of the Interdisciplinary Research Group Arms Control and Disarmament (IFAR²) and a Professor at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences at the University of Hamburg.

Professor Neuneck’s research areas include: Nuclear Arms Control and Disarmament, Ballistic Missile defense, Space/Cyber Security, Nonproliferation of Military Technology.

Content by Götz Neuneck


Scrapping the INF: Premature, Counterproductive and Dangerous

Professor Götz Neuneck writes proposals for Europe to prevent the collapse of the INF Treaty, which he argues would not only be a sharp break from previous arms control policy but risks challenging the nuclear arms control framework in its entirety.

5 November 2018 | Götz Neuneck
Global Security