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Igor Istomin

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Applied International Political Analysis, MGIMO University

Igor Istomin is an Associate Professor at the Department of Applied International Political Analysis and Senior Research Fellow at the Laboratory for Analysis of International Processes at MGIMO University.

He holds a PhD and and an MA from MGIMO University, as well as an undergraduate degree from St. Petersburg State University. Mr Istomin teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in methods of applied analysis and international relations theory. He has also delivered lectures and presentations in a number of foreign institutions, such as Fletcher School at Tufts University, Georgetown University, Harvard University in the US, and Jilin University, China.

Mr Istomin is an executive editor at the Mezhdunarodnye Protsessy (International Trends) a leading Russian academic journal. He is the author of more than 70 academic publications in Russian and in English on US foreign policy, relations in Euro-Atlantic space and international security. He is also a regular contributor to the media and think tank debates.

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