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Ilya Kursenko

Masters Student

Ilya Kursenko is a Masters student in Political and Ethical Philosophy at the Université Sorbonne, Faculté des Lettres. His research interest is Plato and the reception of his philosophy in the Western tradition of political philosophy. His thesis is on war theory. He completed his M1 in French Philosophy at Saint Petersburg State University. Whilst pursuing his BA in International Affairs at Kazan Federal University, Ilya presented a thesis on Plato’s “The Republic” reception in early Cold War texts in anglo-american IR Theory. He has been a member of international political youth associations involved in international security and international politics issues at fora such as the United Nations, OSCE, IAEA, and other international organisations. Ilya is a former intern of the Basel Peace Office where he conducted research on the current nuclear security challenges and the problem of  increasing nuclear threat.