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Imants Viesturs Liegis

Ambassador to France, Former Defence Minister

Imants Viesturs Lieģis is Latvia’s ambassador to France and former ambassador to Hungary. He served as Latvia’s Defense Minister from 2009 to 2010 and as the Acting Minister of Justice from 2009 to 2010.

He served for 17 years as a career diplomat for Latvia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs including as Ambassador to the Benelux (1997-2000), NATO (1997-2004), the EU Political and Security Committee (2005-2007), the Kingdom of Spain (2008-2009).  Elected to Parliament in 2010, he was Chairman of the European Affairs Committee and Chairman of Delegation to the NATO PA until October 2011.

He was a Research Fellow at the Latvian Institute of International Affairs from April to September 2012.

He is a member of the Advisory Board for the European Leadership Network (ELN).

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