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Isabelle Williams

Senior Advisor, Global Nuclear Policy Program

Isabelle Williams serves as Co-Director of the Nuclear Security Project. Prior to this she was the Senior Programme Officer at the Nuclear Threat Initiative, supporting the Nuclear Security Project. Before joining NTI, Ms Williams managed the next generation nuclear non-proliferation program at the Partnership for Global Security, working on topics including Pakistan’s nuclear security and U.S. threat reduction budgets. As a former research associate at the Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute, Ms Williams researched chemical weapons, biosecurity, and bioterrorism preparedness and response.

Along with Steven Andreasen and Malcolm Chalmers, she co-authored “NATO and Nuclear Weapons: Is a New Consensus Possible?” published by the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI).

Content by Isabelle Williams


Trident Renewal: Lessons for Parliament from Chilcot

Isabelle Williams raises seven key questions the new government must answer before Parliament commits to a renewal of the UK’s nuclear deterrent. She argues that the revelations of the Chilcot enquiry mean parliamentary due-diligence on such issues is more pressing than ever.

18 July 2016 | Isabelle Williams
Global Security