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Lynn Rusten

Vice President, Global Nuclear Policy Program at NTI

Lynn Rusten has held senior positions in the White House, Department of State, and Congress, bringing deep expertise in nuclear arms control, nonproliferation, and national security policy. Before joining NTI in 2017, she served as the senior director for arms control and nonproliferation on the White House National Security Council staff and held positions at the Department of State, including chief of staff for the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation and senior advisor in the Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance, where she led the interagency backstopping process supporting the negotiation and ratification of the New START Treaty.

Content by Lynn Rusten


Will New START get a new lease of life?

It would be reckless to forego the benefits of New START for US and Euro-Atlantic security, when as a practical matter there is nothing more effective that could be negotiated and put in place before it expires.

5 December 2019 | Lynn Rusten
Euro-Atlantic Security