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Marina Favaro

Security and Defence Research Analyst, BASIC

Marina Favaro is a security and defence research analyst, currently specialising in nuclear disarmament at the London-based think tank BASIC. At BASIC, Marina manages the ‘Gender, Youth and Diversity’, ‘Strategic Risk Reduction’ and ‘Emerging Technology’ research portfolios. In addition to research and analysis, portfolio management at BASIC includes organising international events for meaningful dialogue and exchange. Prior to joining the team at BASIC, Marina worked as an Analyst at RAND Europe. Whilst developing legitimacy as a voice in security and defence issues, Marina built a research track record that includes space governance, cybersecurity, counter-terrorism, conventional weapons control and the impact of emerging technologies on society.

Content by Marina Favaro


Re-evaluating space norms in a changing orbital environment

The space environment is becoming increasingly populated by non-state actors who are pursuing a range of different goals. Marina Favaro argues that new norms of governance must be implemented by the international community in order to keep space safe, secure and sustainable.

21 July 2020 | Marina Favaro
Global Security