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Patricia Jaworek

Consultant, Global Nuclear Policy & Scientific and Technical Affairs, NTI

YGLN Security Germany

Patricia is a Consultant for the Global Nuclear Policy & Scientific and Technical Affairs programs at the Nuclear Threat Initiative in Washington, DC (NTI). Her work focuses on strategic stability, disarmament and nonproliferation issues, particularly in the context of the NPT, as well as on the global catastrophic risks associated with the use of nuclear weapons, such as their effects on the environment, food security, and global economy. Patricia is also a member of BASIC’s Emerging Voices Network, where she develops ideas for the future of nuclear arms control.

Patricia has a joint Master’s degree in Transatlantic Affairs from the Fletcher School and the College of Europe with a concentration in Euro-Atlantic security. Prior to this, she gained a law degree from the University of Hamburg, Germany, specializing in European and public international law.

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