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Timur Kadyshev

Frank, Senior Research Scientist, Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), RF

Timur Kadyshev received his Ph.D. in mathematical modelling from MIPT in 1991. In 1992-93, Dr. Kadyshev spent nine months at MIT’s DACS Program working on a project to assess the North Korean ballistic missile program. From 1995-2001 Dr. Kadyshev worked on the Strategic Aviation part of the Russian Nuclear Weapons Project. In 1999, he spent six months at the Security Studies Program at MIT working on arms control and security issues raised by ballistic missile proliferation.

Dr. Kadyshev spent 2001/02 academic year at Stanford CISAC analysing the future US-Russian strategic nuclear balance in light of changing US-Russian relations. Dr. Kadyshev’s publications include ‘An Analysis of the North Korean Nodong Missile’ (with David Wright; Science and Global Security, 1994), ‘Nuclear Parity and National Security in Current Conditions’ (with Anatoly Diakov and Pavel Podvig; PIR Study Papers, 2000), ‘Further Reduction of Nuclear Weapons’ (with Anatoly Diakov and Eugene Miasnikov, Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies, Dolgoprudny, 2010).

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