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Ulf Schneider

Founder and President, SCHNEIDER GROUP

Ulf Schneider is the founder and CEO of SCHNEIDER GROUP, consulting Western companies from localization services to accounting outsourcing and legal support. Thanks to the group’s presence across the Eurasian Economic Union as well as in Poland, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, Mr Schneider has unrivaled insights into these markets and Western-Eurasian business relation. In 2015, he initiated a working group on a Common Economic Space from Lisbon to Vladivostok, which brings together decision makers from business and politics in a unique dialogue platform for new ways of practical cooperation. Ulf Schneider is also CEO of the Berlin based OWC Foreign Trade Publishing House, whose print and online media focus on the Eastern European markets, China and Iran.

Mr Schneider studied economics in Kiel and at the University of Illinois, and worked at the famous Kiel World Economy Institute. Before founding SCHNEIDER GROUP, Ulf Schneiderserved as CFO in the Moscow office of Allianz Insurance Company and worked for Procter & Gamble in financial management at different offices in Germany and in Brussels, Belgium.

Content by Ulf Schneider