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Group statement

Group Statement on Nuclear Arms Control

Rising complexity is neither a justification for discarding arms control arrangements nor an excuse for inaction in agreeing new measures. Over 100 members of the ELN’s senior network call on world leaders to prioritise nuclear diplomacy at the UN General Assembly

12 September 2019
Global Security|Arms Control|Diplomacy|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Security|United Nations|ELN
Policy brief

Outlines for future conventional arms control in Europe: A sub-regional regime in the Baltics

Deteriorating relations between Russia and NATO and the increasing capacity for rapid deployment and concentration of forces increases instability and the risk of military escalation, namely in the Baltic region. Against this background, the countries concerned could be interested in a conventional arms control regime that helps to prevent destabilising build-ups of forces and to enhance maritime security.

3 September 2019 | Evgeny Buzhinskiy and Oleg Shakirov
Euro-Atlantic Security|Baltics|Conventional Arms Control|Europe|NATO|Russia-West Relations|ELN|YGLN
Job vacancy

Policy Fellow

The European Leadership Network is looking to recruit a Policy Fellow to join the team at our London office. As a Policy Fellow, you would be responsible for contributing to the European Leadership Network’s policy impact, research and events agenda.

22 August 2019

Julianna Eboli Andreu

Julianna Eboli Andreu joined the European Leadership Network in February 2019. She is also currently completing her MSc in International Health Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science focusing on global health security and governance. Prior to joining the ELN, Julianna...


Beyond the Hype: The EU and the AI Global ‘Arms Race’

The EU could play a significant role in shifting the AI debate by putting forward frameworks for the responsible design and governance of AI in Europe and the world, thus potentially mitigating great power competition.

21 August 2019 | Raluca Csernatoni
European Defence|Defence|Emerging technologies|EU|Europe|Security