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Kristiana Nitisa

Kristiana Nitisa is an Engagement and Research Assistant at Open Nuclear Network, where she specialises in nuclear risk reduction, NATO-Russia relations and researching communication strategies to combat disinformation in the nuclear field. In addition to her role at Open Nuclear Network, she...


Daniel Ajudeonu

Daniel is a Leadership Team Member at International Student/Young Pugwash (ISYP), where he coordinates external partnerships and leads ISYP’s key new Africa Project which is focused on capacity building for young Africans in nuclear disarmament and peaceful nuclear applications. He is also a...


Françeska Muço

Ms. Françeska Muço is an experienced democratization expert with a track record in end-to-end involvement in projects in human capital, good governance, youth, regional cooperation, security, and the Western Balkans - EU enlargement. She completed her undergraduate degree in "Administration...


Kseniia Pirnavskaia

Kseniia Pirnavskaia is a Research Consultant at the Open Nuclear Network (ONN) in Austria. She previously worked at NEREC, CTBTO, VCDNP, PIR Center, and KPC4IR. Kseniia also serves as Deputy Director of International Student Young Pugwash. Her research interests encompass the humanitarian...