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Johan Vanderplaetse

Johan Vanderplaetse is Senior Vice-president of “Schneider Electric”, leading from Zurich globally the sales of the International Automation business of the group (8B euro P&L). Prior to this, Mr. Vanderplaetse was for many years living in Moscow where he worked as President Russia & Central...


Reflections on P5 risk reduction: milestones to date and recommendations for the eleventh NPT review cycle

The recent P5 affirmation that “a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought” as well as the incorporation of strategic risk reduction into the nuclear doctrines and dialogues working group are impactful and are welcome first measures. The P5 must now build on this momentum to discuss a substantive programme of work which must will lead to the implementation of concrete risk reduction measures within the eleventh review cycle.

24 January 2022 | Maximilian Hoell and Goran Svilanović

Ideas for US/NATO response to Russian security guarantee proposals

The US and NATO should respond to Russia’s security guarantees proposal with a unified counterproposal that addresses Russia’s concern about NATO expansion, rolls back Russia’s own expansion in its near abroad, and creates stable and successful states in the space between NATO and Russia, writes Kevin Ryan.


Retired Brigadier General Kevin Ryan

Brigadier General Kevin Ryan (U.S. Army retired) is an Associate Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. Until his retirement from full time work in May 2017, Ryan was founder and Director, Defense and Intelligence Projects at Belfer Center. A...