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Not a good season for arms control

Former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush, the Hon. Franklin C. Miller, responds to the claim that now is the time for a renaissance in disarmament

22 May 2019 | Franklin C. Miller
Global Security|Arms Control|INF|NPT

The INF Crisis and Europe: We need facts, not hysteria

Former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush, Franklin C, Miller, argues that European states should be mindful of Russian threats and activities and should direct their concerns to Moscow, not to the United States.

7 November 2018 | Franklin C. Miller
Global Security|INF|Nuclear Security|Russia-West Relations|United States

Why not no-first-use

Franklin Miller and Keith Payne argue that adoption of No First Use now would reflect willful US detachment from this global reality and would be perceived as such by friends and foes alike.

22 September 2016 | Franklin C. Miller and Keith B. Payne
Euro-Atlantic Security|Global Security|Deterrence|Nuclear Weapons|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Transatlantic relations|United States