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The Russian threat to the Baltics: scaremongering or reality?

ELN Executive Board Member, Ambassador Imants Liegis, assesses recent discussions about the potential Russian threat to the Baltics and concludes that while there is a degree of scaremongering it is important to develop an appropriate response.

8 April 2015 | Imants Viesturs Liegis
Euro-Atlantic Security|Baltics|NATO|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Security

Reacting to Russia

Imants Liegis argues that a combined NATO – EU response is necessary to hold Russia to account for its disregard of the international system.

8 October 2014 | Imants Viesturs Liegis
Euro-Atlantic Security|Deterrence|EU|Europe|Hybrid warfare|NATO|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Security|Ukraine