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Policy brief

Proud and Prejudiced: The risk of stereotypes in Russia-West relations

Joseph Dobbs argues that policy-makers in Russia-West relations must be more aware of the negative impact stereotyping has on decision making. This paper examines three stereotypes in detail: Vladimir Putin the master tactician, the expansionist opponent and mutual weakness.

29 January 2018 | Joseph Dobbs
Euro-Atlantic Security|Diplomacy|Europe|Foreign policy|NATO|Russia|Russia-West Relations|United States
Policy brief

A New Approach to Transatlantic Burden-Sharing

This ELN report argues that NATO's target of spending 2% of GDP on defence is an arbitrary benchmark which should cease to be the only measure of contributions to collective defence and security. A central criticism of the 2% is that it does not consider - nor promote - action on important...

14 September 2017 | Joseph Dobbs
Euro-Atlantic Security|Defence|Diplomacy|Europe|NATO|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Security|United States
Policy brief

The UK, France and the Challenge of Brexit to European Security

Joseph Dobbs, a Research Fellow at the ELN, argues that France is the most important bilateral relationship for the UK in a post-Brexit Europe and makes seven recommendations on how London and Paris can cooperate to protect European security.

22 December 2016 | Joseph Dobbs
Euro-Atlantic Security|EU|France|Security|United Kingdom