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Policy brief

Yes, we can? Europe responds to the crisis of multilateral arms control

Over the last four years, Europeans have been facing the fundamental challenge of Russia and the US turning away from arms control. Oliver Meier considers how Europeans might turn existing, stopgap responses to this into a long-term strategy to strengthen multilateral arms control instruments.

16 November 2020 | Oliver Meier
Global Security|Arms Control|Europe|Sanctions

The U.S. Nuclear Posture Review and the future of nuclear order

As the recent Nuclear Posture Review indicates that the United States does not know what kind of global nuclear order it sees as feasible and desirable, Europeans need to lay out their own vision of a nuclear order.

2 March 2018 | Oliver Meier
Global Security|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Security|United States

Formal dialogue on compliance can still save the INF Treaty

According to the authors the INF Treaty brought about a “paradigm shift in the world’s most important bilateral security relationship” and “should not be abandoned lightly”. Formal dialogue on compliance should start by addressing “grey area” weapons.

Global Security|INF|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Weapons|Russia|Russia-West Relations|United States