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Policy brief

Managed Instability: The NATO–Russia Strategic Relationship

ELN Research Fellow Thomas Frear writes on the NATO-Russia strategic balance in Europe, with a particular focus on the dangers still posed by the presence of tactical nuclear weapons on the continent.

14 January 2016 | Thomas Frear
Euro-Atlantic Security|Arms Control|NATO|Nuclear Arms Control|Risk Reduction|Russia|Russia-West Relations

Downing of a Russian Jet: Where do we go from here?

ELN Research Director, Lukasz Kulesa, and Research Fellow, Thomas Frear, outline three priorities in responding to the downing of a Russian jet by Turkish forces; establish the facts, de-escalate the crisis and urgently develop procedures to avoid another crisis.

25 November 2015 | Lukasz Kulesa and Thomas Frear
Euro-Atlantic Security|Air space|NATO|Russia|Syria|Turkey