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Florence Ferrando

Florence has been a consultant at Forward Global since January 2018. She holds a Dual Master's degree in International Relations from Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, specialising in international security, defence, and economic intelligence. Her academic focus includes strategic areas such as...


Arthur Duforest

Arthur Duforest currently works with the Inter-Parliamentary Union as a Consultant for Disarmament and Human Security matters. His primary focus is on the application of human security and common security approaches to global challenges, especially those related to national, regional, and...


Joel Christoph

Joel Christoph is a PhD Student in Economics at the European University Institute (EUI) in Italy. He is also a Bretton Woods 2.0 Fellow of the Atlantic Council and a Dahrendorf Fellow of Oxford University. Joel completed degrees in economics at the EUI, Barcelona School of Economics and...


Julie Lübken

Julie Lübken is a young professional and student currently completing their Master's at Leiden University in International Relations and Diplomacy. Julie has extensive experience in journalism and research. As a freelance journalist, they wrote about tech, European policy and international...


Mathieu Champy

Mathieu has been working for 8 years in defense and aerospace sector. Mathieu obtained a Master in project management & business development from SKEMA Business School. He took part into seminars on European security and Geopolitics in Middle East from ILERI (Institute for the Study of...


Héloïse Fayet

Héloïse Fayet is a research fellow at the Security Studies Center of Ifri (French institute of international relations), where she coordinates the Deterrence and Proliferation research program. Her work focuses on nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, the impact of emerging tech on...