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Ekaterina Khaletskaya

Ekaterina Khaletskaya co-founded Impact Hub Moscow in 2014 after having studied innovative business practices and social entrepreneurship in Europe, Asia and the USA. Impact Hub Moscow is a business incubator, innovation lab and community of entrepreneurs aimed at creating tangible solutions to...


Natalia Viakhireva

Natalia Viakhireva, Ph.D., is an expert and program manager at Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), Moscow, Russia. In the Council Natalia is responsible for projects on Russia’s relations with the EU and the U.S, on Euro-Atlantic security, and projects on International cooperation in...


Victoria Panova

Dr. Victoria V. Panova is the Vice-President for International Relations of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). She also held the post of the Scientific Supervisor of the BRICS Expert Council for the year of Russia’s BRICS Chairmanship and Managing Director of the National Committee of...


Dmitry Androsov

Dmitry Androsov is a Member of the Federal Political Council of the People’s Freedom Party (PARNAS). He was involved in several election campaigns for democratic opposition in Russia. In 2016 he became a party candidate for the State Duma elections. In 2017 he coordinated the Moscow local...


Oksana Antonenko

Oksana Antonenko is a Director for Global Risk Analysis at Control Risks Group where she focuses on analysing political, regularity and security risks for senior decision-makers in private and public sectors. Her work focuses on Europe, including Russia, Turkey and Central Asia, as well as...


Maxim Suchkov

Maxim A. Suchkov, PhD (Political Science) is Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Analysis and  Director of the Center for Advanced American Studies - at the Institute of International Studies of MGIMO University. He holds a number of non-resident expert affiliations...