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Kim Westerich-Fellner

Kim Joana Westerich-Fellner is a Mercator Fellow on International Affairs and Visiting Researcher at Forschungszentrum Juelich (IEK-6: Nuclear Waste Management) and the James Martin Centre for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS). Her work focuses on approaches to promote nuclear disarmament. Among...


Eva Siegmann

Eva Siegmann is a Political Scientist currently pursuing a Master's degree in Security Studies with a concentration in Technology and Security at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. She holds a Dual Bachelor's degree in social and political science from Sciences Po Paris and the Free...


Konrad Seifert

Konrad is Co-CEO of the Simon Institute for Longterm Governance, working to improve (a) the international regime complex for the governance of rapid technological change and (b) the representation of future generations in institutional design and policy processes. Previously, he co-founded...


Jakob Gomolka

Jakob Gomolka is a Climate Diplomacy and Security Analyst with Berlin-based sustainability think tank Adelphi. As a researcher, Jakob is primarily interested in the catastrophic risks associated with climate change. Beyond immediate climate security threats like the collapse of agricultural...


Anemone Franz

Anemone Franz is a physician with a background in global health and infectious diseases. She works as an advisor at the nonprofit organisation 80,000 Hours, where she focuses on biosecurity and emerging technologies. Previously, she was a clinical trial physician at Alvea, a start-up company...


Julie Lübken

Julie Lübken is a young professional and student currently completing their Master's at Leiden University in International Relations and Diplomacy. Julie has extensive experience in journalism and research. As a freelance journalist, they wrote about tech, European policy and international...