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South Korea’s dangerous sense of isolation

Tanya Ogilvie-White argues that South Korea is becoming increasingly isolated from its regional security partners in the way that it views the threat from North Korea. She argues that South Korea’s regional security partners’ increased focus on China and lessened attention on North Korea’s nuclear programme, risks isolating South Korea and undermining proliferation norms, and heightened collaborations are needed to avoid this.

17 April 2024 | Dr Tanya Ogilvie-White
Policy brief

Strategic stability on the Korean Peninsula: Dual crisis and risk reduction measures

North and South Korea are locked in a competitive cycle marked by efforts to balance each other’s increasing military capabilities. Jina Kim explores arms control and crisis stability on the Korean Peninsula and its impact on North Korea’s strategic calculations. The paper offers policy recommendations for South Korean policymakers to address these challenges.

7 February 2024 | Dr Jina Kim

Strategic risks in the Asia-Pacific: Examining Australian, British, Japanese, and South Korean perspectives

A new report from the ELN and the APLN sets out how the UK can strengthen security cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region with South Korea, Japan, and Australia, amidst a deteriorating security environment that threatens to undermine the existing nuclear order.


Nobumasa Akiyama

Nobumasa Akiyama is a member of APLN, Dean of the School of International and Public Policy at Hitotsubashi University and Adjunct Research Fellow at Japan Institute of International Affairs. His other professional appointments include a member of the International Group of Eminent Persons for...


Lee Sang Hyun

Lee Sang Hyun is a member of APLN and President of the Sejong Institute in Korea. He also serves as President of the Korea Nuclear Policy Society (KNPS) and Chief of the Planning and Coordination Committee, the Peaceful Unification Advisory Council. He received his B.A. and M.A. from Seoul...