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Lena Zakaryan

Lena Zakaryan is a management consultant, analyst and researcher, Director of policy and governance in AxelMondrian & Partners, a reputation management and strategic communications company. Lecturer at the Eurasia International University (EIU Armenia). Lena Zakaryan specialized in security...


Mariia Koroleva

Marilia Koroleva is a former consultant at the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs. Mariia holds a Master's degree in Strategic and Arms Control studies. She previously earned a Bachelor's degree in International Relations at St. Petersburg State University and studied political...


Network reflections: What one thing could the world do to turn back the Doomsday Clock?

Today the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have announced the Doomsday Clock 2023 and how close we are to midnight. We asked some of our network members what can be done to turn back the clock and avert a man-made global catastrophe.


Alexandra Filippenko

Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for US and Canadian Studies Candidate of Sciences — History. Published scientific papers and a book on US domestic policy Translated the political philosophical novel “The Shield of Achilles: War, Peace, and the Course of History” into...


Mathieu Champy

Mathieu has been working for 8 years in defense and aerospace sector. Mathieu obtained a Master in project management & business development from SKEMA Business School. He took part into seminars on European security and Geopolitics in Midlle East from ILERI (Institute for the Study of...


Sarah Kunis

Sarah Kunis currently serves as Country Director for Korea in the Office of the Secretary for Defense in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). Her portfolio focuses on deterrence issues related to the U.S.-Republic of Korea Alliance. Prior to joining DoD, Sarah worked as an analyst for the...