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An offer postponed: Berlin’s silence on Macron’s deterrence thinking

President Macron’s speech in February on nuclear deterrence created a new door for a possible nuclear dialogue with European partners. The key to that door most likely lies in Berlin, but no one there seems inclined to pick it up.

25 August 2020 | Julia Berghofer
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Alice Billon-Galland argues that COVID-19 strengthens the case for EU defence

YGLN member Alice Billon-Galland recently published a timely commentary for Chatham House on the new challenges and renewed momentum for European defence cooperation that are created by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, will it be enough to finally overcome the political and strategic hurdles...

21 August 2020
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“Battle Rhythm” fortnightly podcast hosted by YGLN member Stefanie von Hlatky

"Battle Rhythm”, hosted by Stephen Saideman and Stefanie von Hlatky, co-produced with the CDSN, and released every second Wednesday, will feature timely discussion on the defence and security issues of the day, as well as feature conversations with academics and graduate students. Recent...

12 August 2020