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Michael Biontino

Michael Biontino is a retired German diplomat and arms control and disarmament expert, most recently holding the position of the Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament (CD) and Ambassador for Global Arms Control and Disarmament Affairs. Ambassador Biontino led negotiations...


Carsten Sondergaard

Carsten Sondergaard is a Danish career diplomat, retiring from service in August 2022. Most recently, Sondergaard held the position of Ambassador to the Russian Federation (2018-2022). Prior to this, Ambassador to Ireland (2014-2018), Permanent Representative to NATO (2010-2014), and Ambassador...


Thomas Hajnoczi

Thomas Hajnoczi is a retired Austrian career diplomat who served as Director for Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation and as Security Policy Director in the Foreign Ministry. Abroad he led the Austrian Permanent Mission to the UN (including the Conference on Disarmament) in Geneva and...


Saving the non-proliferation regime today for the benefit of tomorrow’s international security order

The 10th NPT Review Conference ended last week without an agreement on a consensus outcome document. At a RevCon side event to launch a new ELN project, network member Adam Kobieracki remarked that “diplomatic success should not be measured by the number and volume of documents agreed and adopted” but instead should focus on concrete steps that need to be taken to reinforce and implement the NPT system.

31 August 2022 | Adam Kobieracki