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The Risk of a New Cold War

Former UK Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind & former Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov discuss the potential for military escalation in the Ukraine crisis.

5 August 2014 | Malcolm Rifkind and Igor Ivanov
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Group statement

It is Time to Pursue a Cooperative Greater Europe

The first position paper from the Leadership Task Force identifies a strategic vacuum in European international relations and calls for the Pursuit of a Cooperative Greater Europe.

30 January 2014
Euro-Atlantic Security|EU|NATO|Russia-West Relations|Task Force

How the EU Can Bring Ukraine Into Europe

The situation in Ukraine is a problem for all Europeans, whether they live within the EU or outside it. It stems from the fact that there is at present no cultural context that allows all Ukrainians to feel at home in Europe. Ukraine’s westernmost regions, which once belonged to the...

7 January 2014 | Nicolai N. Petro
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Policy intervention

European Leaders Call for a New Approach to Security

In a joint statement, 70 senior European politicians, military figures and diplomats call for a new approach to security ahead of EU Council Meeting.

17 December 2013
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Moving Europe Beyond Divisions on Ukraine

Des Browne, Adam Daniel Rotfeld and Igor Ivanov lay out a vision for a cooperative Greater Europe as a framework for securing peace and promoting shared prosperity.

3 December 2013 | Des Browne, Igor Ivanov and Adam Daniel Rotfeld
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