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Irina Busygina

Irina Busygina works in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the Higher School of Economics National Research University in Saint Petersburg. She teaches courses on Comparative Federalism and Decentralization, Russia in World Politics, and Russia-EU...


Michael Klipstein

Dr Michael Klipstein has worked on national cyber topics for over a decade, ranging from USCYBERCOM continuity of government networks, the National Security Agency hard targets, leading a Cyber National Mission Team, and building two Nation Cyber Protection Teams. Later, he created curricula for...


Ian Anthony

Ian Anthony is the Programme Director for European Security at SIPRI. In addition to monitoring and analysing developments in European security, the programme currently focuses on some specific challenges facing Europe. Military Risk Reduction in Europe examines the role of military-to-military...


Jaime M. Yassif

Dr. Jaime M. Yassif is Vice President for Global Biological Policy and Programs at NTI, where she oversees the program's work to reduce global catastrophic biological risks, strengthen biosecurity and pandemic preparedness, and drive progress in advancing global health security. Yassif...


Christopher Colletta

Christopher Colletta serves as a consultant for the Global Nuclear Policy Program at NTI. His work focuses related to East Asia to include future strategic stability and arms control talks with China, the concept of cooperative threat reduction with North Korea. He also contributes to Horizon...


Almut Rochowanski

Almut Rochowanski works with civil society activists in the former Soviet Union, particularly in conflict/post-conflict regions such as Ukraine and Russia's North Caucasus and on women's and girls' rights. From 2014, she has been advising international women's peacebuilding organisations on...