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Shashank Joshi

Shashank Joshi is a Research Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies and a doctoral student of international relations at Harvard University’s Department of Government. He specialises in international security in South Asia and the Middle East. Mr. Joshi holds a Masters degrees from Cambridge and Harvard, and previously graduated […]


Nikolai Sokov

Dr Sokov has a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan (1996) and (the Soviet equivalent of a Ph.D.) Candidate of Historical Sciences degree from the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (1986). He graduated from Moscow State University in 1981. In 1981, Dr Sokov worked at the Institute of US and Canadian Studies and […]


Oleg Shulga

Oleg Valentinovich Shulga is an analyst and expert in disarmament and military affairs and a certified Russian Federation UN Missile Inspector. He is the head of the consultancy company, “Shulga Consulting”. Before retiring in 1996 as an Air Force Lieutenant-Colonel with the Russian Nuclear Risk Reduction Center, he served as an inspector and escort under […]


Igor Sutyagin

Dr Igor Sutyagin holds a Ph.D in History of Foreign Policy and International Relations from the Moscow Institute for the USA and Canada Studies. Dr Sutyagin has written extensively on nuclear and conventional arms control including the safety and security of nuclear weapons. In addition to more than 100 articles published, he co-authored the book Russian Strategic […]


Vladimir Baranovsky

Dr. Baranovsky is the Deputy Director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) based in Moscow. He is also Chair of the Dissertation Council of IMEMO, Vice President of the Association for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation and a board member of the Russian Political Science Association. He has been a professor at the Moscow […]


Alexander Dynkin

Alexander Dynkin is the Director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) at the Russian Academy of Science. He served as the economic advisor to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation between 1998-1999.