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Charisse Fallaria

Charisse Fallaria joined the European Leadership Network as their Operations Manager in November 2018. She was heavily involved in the successful management and growth of her previous organisations, and brings with her a wealth of experience in Operations, Finance, HR and Marketing. Before joining the ELN, Charisse studied Psychology at Queen Mary, University of London […]


Euro-nukes? A difficult but perhaps necessary debate

Adérito Vicente argues the case for serious discussions on European nuclear security and examines what may lie ahead with regards to the EU and the nuclear field.

7 December 2018 | Adérito Vicente
European Defence|Brexit|EU|Europe|NPT|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Security|Nuclear Weapons|ELN

Adérito Vicente

Adérito R. Vicente is a PhD researcher in Department of Political and Social Sciences (SPS) at the European University Institute (EUI). His research interests include nuclear disarmament and strategy, European foreign and security policy, transatlantic relations and U.S. foreign policy. He is working on a dissertation about EU’s nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation policies. Adérito was […]

Media coverage

Katarzyna Kubiak on INF for Arms Control Today

In a new article for Arms Control Today, Dr Katarzyna Kubiak analyses European perspectives on the impending U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty.

6 December 2018
Euro-Atlantic Security|Arms Control|Conventional Arms Control|INF|NATO|Nuclear Arms Control|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Transatlantic relations|United States|ELN