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The EU’s eastern neighbourhood demands a coherent approach. The Eastern Partnership fails to deliver.

The next phase of the EU’s Eastern Partnership will be launched this week. The approach set out so far fails to deliver – at this week’s summit, leaders should address the gaps.

17 June 2020 | Ben Challis
Euro-Atlantic Security|Armenia|Belarus|Black Sea|Central Asia|Diplomacy|Eastern Europe|Eastern Partnership|EU|Eurasian Economic Union|Europe|European Neighbourhood Policy|Foreign policy|Governance|Moldova|Russia-West Relations|Ukraine

From Containment to Re-Engagement: Managing Relations with Russia

Dr Derek Averre of the University of Birmingham argues that Euro-Atlantic states must revive an intellectual framework that builds on the political and institutional engagement of much of the post-Cold War period. Only then can a workable dual track Russia policy come into effect.

4 November 2016 | Derek Averre
Euro-Atlantic Security|CSBMs|European Neighbourhood Policy|NATO|Risk Reduction|Russia|Russia-West Relations

Belarus: Elections without a Choice

Predictable election results in Belarus may still lead to improvement of Minsk’s relations with the EU .

13 October 2015 | Anna Dyner
Euro-Atlantic Security|Belarus|EU|European Neighbourhood Policy

An EU Global Strategy: Developing the ‘will to power’?

James Rogers, argues that next EU Global Strategy needs to be succinct, assertive and reflect a comprehensive European ‘will to power’.

22 July 2015 | James Rogers
Euro-Atlantic Security|EU|European Neighbourhood Policy|Foreign policy|Russia-West Relations|Transatlantic relations