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Challenges and opportunities for deterrence and arms control in the Baltic Sea area

Lukasz Kulesa examines the challenges faced in security environment of the Baltic Sea region and presents the opportunities for effective arms control.

1 October 2018 | Lukasz Kulesa
Euro-Atlantic Security|European Defence|Global Security|Arms Control|Baltic Sea|Baltics|Belarus|CSBMs|Defence|Deterrence|Eastern Europe|Finland|NATO|Nordic Countries|Risk Reduction|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Sweden

Banding together against the bully in the Baltic

Senior Associate Fellow, Elisabeth Braw, argues that deepening regional cohesion in the Baltics will assist in the strengthening of military deterrence.

27 September 2018 | Elisabeth Braw
Air space|Baltic Sea|Baltics|Europe|Finland|Germany|Nordic Countries|Poland|Russia|Sweden

On the Eve of the NATO Summit in Newport

Ahead of the Newport Summit, the ELN has invited Finland’s Tarja Cronberg and the German expert Karl-Heinz Kamp to share their views on the main security challenges before NATO and its partners.

2 September 2014 | Tarja Cronberg and Karl-Heinz Kamp
Euro-Atlantic Security|Finland|NATO|Russia-West Relations|Security

The NATO Divide in Finnish Politics

Tarja Cronberg examines Finland as a model solution for the Ukraine crisis balancing between EU membership, NATO partnership and good relations with Russia.

2 September 2014 | Tarja Cronberg
Euro-Atlantic Security|Defence|EU|Finland|NATO|Russia|Security|Ukraine

EU, Ukraine, and Russia: A Perspective from Finland

Tarja Cronberg highlights that escalation in Ukraine has raised the stakes for European leaders and argues the EU must take a consistent and pro-active stand if it is to remain a leading actor on the European continent in the 21st century.

7 March 2014 | Tarja Cronberg
Euro-Atlantic Security|EU|Finland|Russia|Ukraine