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ELN-RIAC Seminar: Towards a More Stable NATO-Russia Relationship

On 16-17 July 2018, the European Leadership Network together with the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) co-hosted a seminar in Moscow as part of a joint project to identify specific, realistic and politically feasible steps that Russia, NATO and NATO members can take to move towards a more stable deterrence relationship.

17 July 2018
Euro-Atlantic Security|Deterrence|Military Doctrine|NATO|Risk Reduction|Russia|Russia-West Relations

Russia and NATO: How to overcome deterrence instability?

The current Russia-NATO deterrence relationship is unstable, and dangerously so. The authors argue that the interplay between the deterrence postures operated by both Russia and NATO has not been sufficiently appreciated during their development – deterrence cannot be effective if your target does not understand your actions.

Euro-Atlantic Security|Deterrence|Military Doctrine|NATO|Nuclear Weapons|Russia

Zapad 2017: Beyond the Hype, Important Lessons for the US and NATO

What lessons to draw from the latest Russian combined strategic exercise? For Michael Kofman, Senior Research Scientist at CNA and Fellow at the Wilson Center, Moscow signalled it can maintain coercive credibility in a potential conflict with NATO.

27 October 2017 | Michael Kofman
Euro-Atlantic Security|Military Doctrine|NATO|Russia|Russia-West Relations|United States

Russia – West Incidents on the Rise

As Russia – West military encounters intensify, the ELN reiterates its call for the regulations that govern such encounters to be updated and expanded to avoid escalation.

26 June 2017 | Thomas Frear
Euro-Atlantic Security|Arms Control|Military Doctrine|NATO|Risk Reduction|Russia|Russia-West Relations
Policy brief

Beyond the Nuclear Threshold: Russia, NATO, and Nuclear First Use

In the first of a new ELN Issue Brief series on arms control, Dr Alexey Arbatov examines the evolving policies of Russia and NATO on the first use of nuclear weapons. Dr Arbatov’s brief goes beyond specific doctrinal points of concern, such as the concept of ‘escalating to...

21 April 2017 | Alexey Arbatov
Euro-Atlantic Security|Deterrence|Military Doctrine|NATO|Nuclear Weapons|Russia|Russia-West Relations

Now is the right time for U.S. to adopt No First Use

Carlo Trezza, outgoing Chairman of the Missile Technology Control Regime, considers the benefits of the US administration adopting a No First Use nuclear policy.

7 September 2016 | Carlo Trezza
Euro-Atlantic Security|Global Security|Military Doctrine|NATO|Nuclear Weapons|Risk Reduction|Transatlantic relations|United States