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Turkey’s Relations with NATO are Undergoing a Historic Trial

Growing tensions between Turkey and its allies, particularly the United States, is a growing source of concern. Is Turkey, once considered a staunch supporter of the Trans-Atlantic security community, drifting apart? ELN member and former Turkish Ambassador to the United Kingdom Ünal Çeviköz shares his views.

16 March 2018 | Ünal Çeviköz
Euro-Atlantic Security|EU|Middle East|NATO|Russia|Syria|Turkey

Downing of a Russian Jet: Where do we go from here?

ELN Research Director, Lukasz Kulesa, and Research Fellow, Thomas Frear, outline three priorities in responding to the downing of a Russian jet by Turkish forces; establish the facts, de-escalate the crisis and urgently develop procedures to avoid another crisis.

25 November 2015 | Lukasz Kulesa and Thomas Frear
Euro-Atlantic Security|Air space|NATO|Russia|Syria|Turkey

P5+1 Diplomacy on Iran: Lessons for Syria

Tarja Cronberg argues that by better understanding what made the Iran nuclear negotiations successful the West can shape a more effective approach to the Syrian crisis.

6 November 2015 | Tarja Cronberg
Global Security|Diplomacy|JCPOA|Middle East|Syria