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President Trump and France: Don’t panic

Admiral Alain Coldefy, former General Inspector of the French Armed Forces, argues that Trump will likely approach foreign and security policy in a far more pragmatic way than his rhetoric suggests, and that France need not worry too much.

14 February 2017 | Alain Coldefy
Euro-Atlantic Security|EU|France|NATO|United States
Policy brief

The UK, France and the Challenge of Brexit to European Security

Joseph Dobbs, a Research Fellow at the ELN, argues that France is the most important bilateral relationship for the UK in a post-Brexit Europe and makes seven recommendations on how London and Paris can cooperate to protect European security.

22 December 2016 | Joseph Dobbs
Euro-Atlantic Security|EU|France|Security|United Kingdom

The Implications of Brexit on UK-France Defence Cooperation

Following a meeting of British and French politicians, military leaders and diplomats hosted by the ELN in London, Professor Emmanuel Dupuy offers his thoughts on the future of UK-France defence cooperation.

25 November 2016 | Emmanuel Dupuy
Euro-Atlantic Security|European Defence|Brexit|EU|France|United Kingdom

The ELN hosts a UK-France Leadership Group meeting to discuss Brexit

The UK-France Leadership Group brings together British and French political, diplomatic and military leaders to discuss the bilateral relationship and ways in which London and Paris can cooperate to further European and global security.

27 October 2016
Euro-Atlantic Security|European Defence|Brexit|EU|France|United Kingdom