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Is Russia really isolated on Ukraine?

The international diplomacy surrounding the Ukraine crisis is far more nuanced than talk of Russian isolation suggests.

1 April 2014 | Ian Kearns and Denitsa Raynova
Euro-Atlantic Security|Diplomacy|Eastern Europe|Europe|International Law|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Ukraine

Russian-Western Relations in the Arctic: Perceptions, Policies, and Prospects

The nascent security dilemma in the Arctic is not unmanageable, but genuine security concerns must be addressed through enhanced cooperation and transparency at the regional level and a security community in the northern part of the globe.

25 March 2014 | Kristian Åtland
Euro-Atlantic Security|Arctic|Defence|Diplomacy|Energy|International Law|NATO|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Security

The Ukraine Crisis: A View from Turkey

Özdem Sanberk explains that Russia’s attempt at annexation of Crimea upsets a balance in the region which all the sides have worked hard to create, not just over decades but indeed over centuries.

10 March 2014 | Özdem Sanberk
Euro-Atlantic Security|Eastern Europe|Energy|International Law|Russia|Security|Turkey|Ukraine