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From an Isolated Iran to an Isolated US

Hans Blix, former IAEA Director General and ELN member, argues that American concerns over Iran’s nuclear weapons intentions may be more of a marketing ploy than a real worry.

17 November 2017 | Hans Blix
Global Security|Iran|JCPOA|Nuclear Arms Control|United Nations|United States

The Grim Gamble of the Trump Administration on Iran

Emmanuelle Maitre argues that the Trump administration’s policy shift means that it is now the US which is violating the spirit of the JCPOA. By targeting the motivations of potential investors, it is making the deal much less attractive for Tehran.

3 November 2017 | Emmanuelle Maitre
Global Security|EU|Iran|JCPOA|United States

What Next for the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Ambassador Carlo Trezza argues that certification of Iranian compliance is a multilateral decision and that the United States should not place domestic electoral calculations ahead of global security.

18 October 2017 | Carlo Trezza
Global Security|Iran|JCPOA|Nuclear Arms Control

Insecurity Shadows the Iran Deal

Dr Tarja Cronberg, member of the Executive Board of the ELN, argues that even if the JCPOA doesn’t unravel straight away, the EU and the US are on the opposing sides of the dispute.

17 October 2017 | Tarja Cronberg
Global Security|Iran|JCPOA|Nuclear Arms Control|Transatlantic relations