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Policy brief

Safeguarding the Iran Nuclear Deal: A Blueprint for Europe

As the future of the Iran nuclear deal looks increasingly uncertain, ELN Policy Fellow Axel Hellman argues that European policymakers should leverage the value of the transatlantic partnership to influence US decision-making and demonstrate Europe’s commitment to the deal while laying the technical and political groundwork to challenge the snapback of US sanctions.

6 April 2018 | Axel Hellman
Global Security|Diplomacy|Economy|EU|Europe|Foreign policy|Iran|JCPOA|Middle East|Nuclear Arms Control|Transatlantic relations|United States

Turkey’s Relations with NATO are Undergoing a Historic Trial

Growing tensions between Turkey and its allies, particularly the United States, is a growing source of concern. Is Turkey, once considered a staunch supporter of the Trans-Atlantic security community, drifting apart? ELN member and former Turkish Ambassador to the United Kingdom Ünal Çeviköz shares his views.

16 March 2018 | Ünal Çeviköz
Euro-Atlantic Security|EU|Middle East|NATO|Russia|Syria|Turkey

Regional Imperative: Why we need the Syria Deconfliction Agreement

ELN Research Fellow Thomas Frear makes the case for the US-Russia agreement on military encounters in Syria. As the only document regulating encounters between the US, its allies, and Russia over an active war zone, its preservation is essential.

12 April 2017 | Thomas Frear
Euro-Atlantic Security|Global Security|Air space|Middle East|Russia|Russia-West Relations|United States
Group statement

77 ELN Members Warn of Growing Risk of Interstate War in the Middle East

Senior political, military and diplomatic figures from across greater Europe express their concern over an inter-state conflict over Syria and support measures to fight ISIS whilst bringing the Syrian conflict to a close.

27 May 2016
Euro-Atlantic Security|Global Security|Middle East|Risk Reduction|ELN|Task Force