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US-Europe Security: Trump’s Nuclear Agenda

Ambassador Carlo Trezza, Senior Adviser of the Italian Institute for International Affairs and Coordinator of the Italian ELN group, argues that President Trump’s “top of the pack” approach to nuclear weapons establishes the premises for a new nuclear arms race, and discusses what the EU response should be.

15 March 2017 | Carlo Trezza
Global Security|NATO|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Weapons|Transatlantic relations

Who Defends Europe? Time to Get Real on Sharing the Burden

Sir Adam Thomson argues that whilst a clear position on NATO from President Trump is imperative, European allies must acknowledge that they can and should do more to support the alliance; not only in the form of increased military spending, but in clear communication to the public on the value of NATO and of the US’ engagement.

8 February 2017 | Adam Thomson
Euro-Atlantic Security|Defence|Deterrence|Europe|Foreign policy|NATO|Transatlantic relations|United States

Europe’s Security: Winter is Coming

In his first article since stepping down as the UK’s Permanent Representative to NATO, new ELN Director Sir Adam Thomson offers his thoughts on the challenges facing European security.

21 November 2016 | Adam Thomson
Euro-Atlantic Security|Arms Control|Conventional Arms Control|CSBMs|EU|NATO|Nuclear Arms Control|Risk Reduction|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Transatlantic relations