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What’s next for Russian foreign policy?

Mikhail Troitskiy argues that despite continuing tensions over the Donbas and Syria, it would be logical for Moscow to attempt blank-slate security negotiations with a new US administration.

31 October 2016 | Mikhail Troitskiy
Euro-Atlantic Security|Foreign policy|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Security|Transatlantic relations

ELN Participates in OSCE Security Day

ELN Research Director Lukasz Kulesa and board member Ian Kearns participated in the most recent OSCE Security Day in Vienna, presenting the ELN’s work on risk reduction in Europe.

5 October 2016
Euro-Atlantic Security|CSBMs|OSCE|Risk Reduction|Russia-West Relations|Transatlantic relations

Why not no-first-use

Franklin Miller and Keith Payne argue that adoption of No First Use now would reflect willful US detachment from this global reality and would be perceived as such by friends and foes alike.

22 September 2016 | Franklin C. Miller and Keith B. Payne
Euro-Atlantic Security|Global Security|Deterrence|Nuclear Weapons|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Transatlantic relations|United States

Now is the right time for U.S. to adopt No First Use

Carlo Trezza, outgoing Chairman of the Missile Technology Control Regime, considers the benefits of the US administration adopting a No First Use nuclear policy.

7 September 2016 | Carlo Trezza
Euro-Atlantic Security|Global Security|Military Doctrine|NATO|Nuclear Weapons|Risk Reduction|Transatlantic relations|United States