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The Challenges of Solving ‘Frozen’ Conflicts

Nina Caspersen outlines the inherent problems of dealing with the ‘frozen conflicts’ on Europe’s periphery before concluding that engagement with these regions and their populations should be a priority in the coming months.

17 March 2015 | Nina Caspersen
Euro-Atlantic Security|Eastern Europe|Europe|Russia|Security|Ukraine

The Influence of the Ukraine Crisis on Turkish-Russian Relations

Habibe Ozdal outlines the development of Turkish-Russian relations in recent years, arguing that a ‘copartmentalisation’ has helped insulate bilateral ties from obstacles such as the Russo-Georgian War of 2008 and the ongoing Ukraine crisis.

11 March 2015 | Habibe Özdal
Euro-Atlantic Security|Eastern Europe|Russia|Turkey|Ukraine
Policy brief

The Eurasian Economic Union: a bridge to nowhere?

ELN Researcher Joseph Dobbs argues that the Ukraine crisis has seriously weakened the Eurasian Economic Union. Externally, China is unlikely to be a steadfast supporter, and the European Union must not engage until there has been a satisfactory resolution to the Ukraine crisis.

4 March 2015 | Joseph Dobbs
Euro-Atlantic Security|Economy|EU|Eurasian Economic Union|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Ukraine

Putin’s Russia: an empire that wants to be a civilization

Former Polish Minister of Defence, Janusz Onyszkiewicz, argues that Russia’s imperial outlook must be challenged first and foremost in Ukraine. Onyszkiewicz calls for the arming of Ukraine along the same lines as America’s lend-lease policy during the Second World War.

2 March 2015 | Janusz Onyszkiewicz
Euro-Atlantic Security|Eastern Europe|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Security|Ukraine

Three Crises Threatening the European Security Architecture

Ulrich Kuhn identifies three crises affecting the European security architecture, a military crisis epitomised by the conflict in Ukraine, an arms control crisis epitomised by the wilful neglect of treaties, and a structural crisis epitomised by the decay of collective security.

24 February 2015 | Ulrich Kühn
Euro-Atlantic Security|Defence|EU|Europe|NATO|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Security|Ukraine