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NATO and the Crisis in Ukraine

Dr Andrew Monaghan explains how the protracted Ukraine crisis is reshaping the European security agenda.

12 August 2014 | Andrew Monaghan
Euro-Atlantic Security|Defence|Eastern Europe|Europe|NATO|Russia-West Relations|Security|Ukraine

The Influence of the Ukraine Crisis on Turkish-Russian Relations

Habibe Ozdal outlines the development of Turkish-Russian relations in recent years, arguing that a ‘copartmentalisation’ has helped insulate bilateral ties from obstacles such as the Russo-Georgian War of 2008 and the ongoing Ukraine crisis.

11 March 2015 | Habibe Özdal
Euro-Atlantic Security|Eastern Europe|Russia|Turkey|Ukraine

The Ukraine Crisis and the Russian Economy

The combination of Western sanctions and an oil price collapse has inflicted a great deal of pain on the Russian economy but the latest opinion polls still show 85 per cent support for Putin and there is debate over just how much of an economic collapse Russian may be facing. In this context,...

13 February 2015 | Ben Aris and Chris Weafer
Euro-Atlantic Security|Economy|Energy|Russia|Sanctions|Ukraine