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Strategic Vision

The ELN strategic vision is to become a Network that fills the widening gap between what states manage to do and what they need to do, by supporting, complementing and pushing governments in order to prevent existential conflict in the Euro-Atlantic region and beyond. This unique, diverse, intergenerational and pan-European Network of experienced and emerging leaders is at the heart of everything we do.

The Network will be an increasingly capable institution and community of purpose that supports coalitions of the willing to do what governments cannot. It will, for example, go places, convene people, develop proposals, say things, float ideas, campaign for results, and create safe spaces for dialogue in ways that governments generally cannot. As far as practicable, the members of the Network will be the drivers of the Network.

To implement this strategic vision we will implement three parallel, mutually reinforcing things:

  1. Build the Network’s policy impact. To exert its full influence, the Network will develop its policy impact through the credibility that comes from great research and analysis; unparalleled guerrilla diplomacy; powerful communications, advocacy and campaigning skills; a well-run operation and a strong reputation. The medium-term measure of success is that the Network proves as consistently influential on its chosen issues as any single European government. The Network will choose its issues according to mission alignment, capacity, Network interests and aptitudes, impact achievability, and partnerships.
  2. Build the Network’s institutional effectiveness. The Network will be able to reach and directly and indirectly shape the decision-making of governments. That calls for: recruiting and developing a diverse membership for influence in all its relevant forms; highly effective partnerships; brilliant staff to engage and facilitate the rest of the Network; and a talent pipeline to sustain the institution and the policy field for the long haul. The Network as a whole will consistently seek to move from engagement to action.
  3. Build the Network’s resources. We will energetically raise funds and diversify our funding sources to make the Network powerful, agile, sustainable and independent. We will develop the ELN’s staff and partnerships to support the Network as effectively as they can. We will nurture the Network’s reputation in order to maximise its influence.