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Call for Applications

The Younger Generation Leaders Network is accepting applications for membership

Membership in the YGLN gives successful candidates the opportunity to join an ambitious and dynamic group of rising stars from 28 countries across the Euro-Atlantic region. Launched in 2014 by former leaders such as Lord Des Browne and Ambassador (ret.) Wolfgang Ischinger as a platform for enhancing dialogue and mutual understanding between young professionals from east and west, the YGLN has developed into a community of emerging leaders who regularly meet in virtual and in-person formats for in-depth conversations on the future of Euro-Atlantic security. YGLN members also work together—on a voluntary basis—on specific projects such as a YGLN-authored book and foresight analysis.

While the pandemic as well as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine confronted the Network with severe challenges and difficulties, the YGLN is keeping up a collaborative and constructive spirit.

Below you find out how to apply for the YGLN.


New members will be selected by the senior management team of the European Leadership Network and the executive committee of the YGLN.

The network gives successful applicants the opportunity:

  • To connect with their counterparts from across Europe and North America;
  •  To join a community of emerging leaders from various cultural and professional backgrounds, including security and public policy, academia, journalism, business, the legal sector, civil society;
  • To connect with experienced acting and former leaders of the ELN senior network and the ELN Contact Group;
  • To participate in YGLN meetings, including annual gatherings and smaller bespoke roundtables with renowned experts speakers—to exchange views and test new ideas with them;
  • To be part of more YGLN activities (optional) such as writing commentaries for the ELN website and contributing to the YGLN podcast .


We welcome applications from candidates who fit the following criteria:

  • Aged between 25 and 37 (in exceptional cases we accept applications from individuals who are beyond this age bracket);
  • Graduates and young to mid-career professionals from one of the following areas: civil society and human rights, academia, security & defence, public policy, journalism & media, business or the legal sector;
  • Who generally show a strong interest in, and knowledge of, the Euro-Atlantic region, transatlantic and/or West-Russia relations. Having a background in nuclear arms control and non-proliferation is an asset;
  • Who are ideally residents/citizens or work in a country within the Euro-Atlantic region (i.e. wider Europe and North America — ); we particularly encourage candidates from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, as well as Western Balkans, Baltics and Nordic Countries to apply!
  • Who are fluent in English for successful interaction with fellow YGLNers and the ELN team;
  • Who demonstrate, most importantly, a willingness to actively engage in the network and devote time on a regular basis to network activities;
  • Who show a potential of becoming future leaders. For instance, we are looking for new members who are exceptionally talented in their areas of interest, who are strongly committed to making the world a better place, and who are keen to connect with young leaders and senior figures from different backgrounds.

Find more about the YGLN and its activities here and about the recent meeting of the Network in Switzerland here.

The ELN welcomes and values applications from people from diverse backgrounds and from groups that may traditionally have been underrepresented in security policy. We believe everyone benefits from bringing a wider range of people, perspectives, and skills into security policy, and we offer a friendly and inclusive environment.

To apply, please send the following to [email protected]:

  • Your short CV (max. 1 page)
  • Brief responses (max 150-200 words) to the following questions: (1) Please tell us briefly how do you think next generation networks like the YGLN can make a real-life difference for security in the Euro-Atlantic space? (2) How would the YGLN benefit from your participation? What expertise knowledge of ideas would you want to bring to the table? 
  • Contact details of 1 reference person (no reference letter needed).

The call for applications will remain open until 12 October 2022.