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Our networks are at the heart of our policy impact. They reach right across Europe from London to Moscow and Rome to Helsinki, bringing together established figures of influence and emerging leaders.

Alongside our networks we develop better recommendations for mutual security in Europe, rooted in deep practical experience of governmental decision making. Through them we can publicly and privately sway security policy thinking and decisions in the Euro-Atlantic area. The ELN’s inherently networked approach results in uniquely practical policy recommendations and a unique influence to push for their implementation.

Our largest, senior network is the European Leadership Network itself, a growing number of heavyweight public figures from right across Europe who bring to bear long experience of security and foreign policy decision making  and a commitment to better security for the European continent. They are complemented by other networks that we develop, belong to, support or work with. These include:

Networks are how we work. They give us the insight, access and leverage to make a real difference.


ELN Network Map